Care Package Número 2!

Care Package Número 2!

          Not too long ago I had the opportunity to pick up a long awaited care package at the post office.  I was so happy to have my much needed supplies that I tore into the box before I took any photos!  So you’ll be seeing some reenactments.  Here’s a look at the care package.


  By the time I received the package, it had already been in the country for about a month.  My parents and I were debating whether or not to use the regular mail service or a private carrier.  In our haste and indecision, we ended up using the wrong address!  I had made countless trips to the Adenta post office looking for a little pink slip of paper in the hostel’s PO box, only to later find out that the slip never got there because the package was at the main office.  I found this out after making a couple of trips to one of the big post office in the main city area (where I picked up my last package).  A friend and I made three trips there and on the third trip, all of the conditions were right—it was a week day, during business hours, I had my tracking number, and met up with some friendly workers—all good ingredients for helpful service.  
          Shortly after we arrived the power went out, so we had to wait for the generator to be turned on and for the computer system to reboot itself.  After a while later we were told we had to go to Circle.  In midday traffic from the campus it took about 45 minutes to get to the city post office; getting to the Circle office took about 30 more minutes.  After a bit more of back and forth (I’ll spare you the details) I had my package in hand.  I was overjoyed and thankful that after nearly two months, it was sitting safely on a shelf with everything intact.

My package had been in Ghana since March!  May 8, 2015
               Once I got home, I opened my package again (I had to open it once at customs) and was pleasantly surprised to see the contents inside.  There I found all the things I’d so desperately needed: two new pairs of sturdy shoes, a month-by-month planner, a wall calendar, citronella candles, and much more.  Two of my favorite cereals were in the box, along with some other goodies my parents stuffed in like popcorn, Girl Scouts Samoas and Thin Mints, and Goldfish.  While all of these comforts made me smile inside and out, the CDs were perhaps one of my favorite things.  How I missed my Maxwell, Lauryn Hill, and Kirk Franklin tunes!  While packing to come to Ghana, I quickly ran out of space and had to leave my CDs behind.  Now that I have them, I rotate the tunes and listen to the same songs every day!
Can’t wait to use this cooler at the beach in a couple weeks!  May 7, 2015 
SWEEET new pair of kicks, May 7, 2015


Samoas are A-OK!  May 7, 2015
Thumbs up for sweet cinnamon!  May 7, 2015
More cheese, please!  May 7, 2015


     It means so much to have some of the comforts from home.  These seemingly small things make a bit difference and provide great relief during the challenging moments of living abroad.  That’s all for now.  Next week, I’ll discuss wrapping up the last week of classes with my colleagues!

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