Good Eatin’ with my housemates

Good Eatin’ with my housemates

       Believe it or not, this Friday will mark the 10th month that I’ve been in Ghana.  Even more amazing is that I am now in the last teaching week of the year.  Next week is revision week and then two grueling (and I mean grueling) weeks of exams.  It’s hard to believe that so much time has gone by so quickly!  As I set my thoughts on home, one of the things I keep mentioning to people is how I’m going to tear up some good Southern food!  (I’m wondering whether or not I should ask my parents to bring a banana peanut butter bacon shake with them to the airport, though by the time I get through customs, it will probably have melted).  While I’ve been waiting to get back to the familiar for a bit, I had the chance to enjoy a hearty dinner last week, courtesy of one of my compound mates.  Here’s a look at the food we enjoyed.

I mentioned in a recent post that since I’ve moved to my new apartment, my compound mates have been very sweet and very accommodating.  For example, since last October, there have been severe power outages across the country.  In the area where I live, we usually have 12 hours with power and 24 hours without.  When I first moved in, the generator would be turned on around 8:00pm.  This was not conducive to my learning.  Being the only one in the compound who is a student, I asked my housemates if they would work with me and have the generator turned on by 7:00pm so that when I get home by 6:00pm from campus, I could do some work before bedtime.  They willingly obliged and now I have more productive time to study and prepare for the next day.  

        My first week at the compound, one of my compound mates had me over for dinner.  Ghanaian-American, she prepared food that was a nice blend of the familiar and something original: colorful vegetables were embedded in the macaroni and cheese, something I would have never thought of but was quite tasty.  We enjoyed teriyaki chicken, and corn on the cob, all over a bed of fluffy, steaming white rice.  We had a good chat over dinner about life in Ghana and how we miss our families in the Southern US.  As if this hearty dinner weren’t enough, for dessert I had a big bowl of steaming peach cobbler smothered in vanilla ice cream!  When it was time to go back to my apartment, I could barely move!  My compound mate also sent me back across the way with a helping of dinner for another night and some peach cobbler!  All I could think was ‘delicious’!

Check out the spread!  April 19, 2015
Eating by lantern light.  The power came back on half way through the meal, yay!  April 19, 2015
What’s for dessert?  Peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  Delish!  April 19, 2015
In addition to this tasty meal, a few nights later, my apartment mate purchased some fresh fish from one of the local seafood stores.  She brought home a huge blue bag of fish.  She said she had only ordered a few kilos, but the man at the shop gave her a whole lot more!  That night, she prepared a feast of fried and stewed white fish!  Another of our compound mates came over and we had a great time.

Tasty white fish with white rice and lime soy sauce, courtesy of my apartment mate, April 21, 2015

It’s great to be living with such kind, accommodating housemates!  They’ve made the transition to my new home so smooth and fun.  Hopefully I’m returning the favor!  This ends this week’s post.  Check back in a few days for the next exciting post!

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