A play and garage sale in North Legon!

A play and garage sale in North Legon!

         The past two weeks have been crazy!  As we draw closer to Resurrection Day weekend and the close of the school year, things continue to get busier and busier with my program.  One of my professors warned us that this time would begin heating up with assignments, papers, reading, and research—but yet, she’s giving us more and more assignments!  While the rain stopped me from going to Coco Beach last weekend, I have been able to enjoy a couple of fun activities.  Here’s a look at the past two weeks.
           My friend I went hiking with invited me to see a play not too long ago.  What a great stress reliever it was!  It was held on campus, only a stone’s throw from my department.  As we walked in, a vendor sold popcorn and cold drinks.  The outdoor theatre was packed with people and surprisingly, I didn’t get bitten by any mosquitoes.  The actors were very lively, very entertaining, and very funny.  It always amazes me how they can remember all of their lines.  The play was about women taking pride in themselves.  All in all it was a nice break from school work.

Another day I went to a garage sale.  Well, it was sort of a garage sale except it took place in someone’s home.  A few days earlier I was checking out an expat website and came across a girl’s ad.  She said she was leaving Ghana and had a whole bunch of cool stuff that was available for sale.  Being my curious self I had to check it out.  A friend and I headed to North Legon and found the girl’s apartment without too much trouble.  With most garage sales, she had a few odds and ends, but what really caught my attention was a lovely antique amber-colored lamp.  I just knew I had to have it!  After negotiating back and forth a bit we settled on a price.  I was happy indeed to have the cute little lamp.  And also relieved when I got home, plugged it in, and found that it was working (I couldn’t check it at the girl’s apartment since the power was out).  It really helped to brighten up my apartment and illuminate the space.

Pretty little lamp in my new apartment!  March 28, 2015
School continues to press me, but I’ll press back and press on until I finish this year strong!  Later this week, I’ll discuss saying goodbye to my old room and hello to a new home in the heart of East Legon!

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