Meeting with the Rotary Club of Accra-Achimota

Meeting with the Rotary Club of Accra-Achimota

          Last week I spent time with the Rotary Club of Accra-Achimota.  The Club definitely ranks in one of the livelier ones I’ve visited.  Their was laughter throughout the meeting, with some inside jokes which was clear to only some folks present.  Here’s a look at my time with the Rotary Club of Accra-Achimota.

When my professor introduced me to the Dean of my department last semester, we discussed my program, life in the US, and how I was adjusting to life in Ghana.  Our conversation quickly moved to Rotary and before I knew it, he was connecting me with one of his Rotarian friends.  Very soon, I had a chance to meet Dr. Achempong.  We discussed my visiting his Rotary Club and a few weeks later, I gave a presentation.

Beginning the presentation, February 19, 2015

          After Dr. Achempong picked me up at the Okponglo Taxi station on campus, we made the short drive to the hotel where the meeting was held.  We arrived early enough for me to work with the secretary to set up the projector for the presentation.  This was quite a relief because so often there are projector problems and not enough time to troubleshoot issues.  There were again, projector issues, but enough time to solve them.  At 6:30pm, the meeting room was still quite sparse and I wondered if there would be a large crowd.  By the start of the meeting at 7:00pm however, the room had filled considerably and the meeting was underway.  About 15 minutes into the meeting, I gave my presentation.

Sharing something here, February 19, 2015

          The club, like the Rotaract Club of Accra-East, was very attentive and interested in my experiences back home and in Ghana.  They were especially pleased to know I had tried Abolo on my first trip to the Volta region!  At the end of the meeting, I was presented with the Club banner and a gift—two lovely patterns of cloth—enough to have two dresses sewn!

Students from the Sociology department at the University of Ghana (Legon) at the meeting, February 19, 2015 
A closeup of the students, February 19, 2015
Presentation of the Club banner.  The Club member explained that the reason for the color of the piano keys (black and white) at the top of the banner symbolized opposites attracting, or inclusiveness.  In other words, regardless of people’s differences, we all have something to contribute and must find ways to work together.  February 19, 2015

Receiving the club banner, February 19, 2015
          After the meeting, my host, Dr. Achempong, not wanting the Dean to give him a hard time about not feeding me, suggested we grab some dinner in the hotel restaurant.  We ordered salad and something I thought I’d never try—tuna pizza.  As gross as it may sound to some of you back home, it was extremely delicious!  Who knew such a major twist on pizza could be so yummy!  Listening to Dr. Achempong’s stories about living abroad, studying in the UK, and working in the US was informative and eye opening.  It made me remember how much fun Rotarians have.  After dinner, I was given a ride back to campus where I headed home for the night.

Each time I have the opportunity to visit a Rotary Club, I meet lovely people who are eager to learn about my homeland and experiences in Ghana.  It feels great to create cultural awareness and take a reflective look at the culture I am gaining from Rotarians.
This ends this week’s post.  Next week, I’ll discuss visiting Boti falls and a cocoa farm with a new friend!

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  1. You are doing such an amazing job of posting about all your activities and visits. I know you are surely getting a lot out of the visits as well.

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