A care package from home

A care package from home


When living in a foreign country, it’s not unusual to have difficulty finding familiar products such as facial creams and food brands (I’ve mentioned lack of variety of hair products a couple of times in earlier posts).  Fortunately my parents posted a care package for me a couple of months ago with some much needed items and a few goodies, too.  Here’s a look at what was inside my box.

At the post office paying the customs officer.  What a joy it was to see this box.  December 29, 2014
The items I requested from home fall within three major categories: clothing, food, and personal care.  First, let’s talk about clothing.  Before I left home, I found the most comfortable shoes in the world (in beige and black).  When I put them on, I feel like I’m walking on a cloud of air.  Amazing!  And although I brought along four other pairs of shoes with me, none of them compare.  So naturally, after wearing two pairs of shoes for five months, they’re going to eventually wear down, no matter how nice they are.  Thankfully I was able to go online and purchase three pairs from a reputable dealer in the States, send them to my parents’ home, and have them included in the box.  They sent two pairs to me to make sure I’d receive them.  When I tried on the black pair of shoes and it was a perfect fit, I almost cried.  What a relief to have them in my possession.  

The box turned upside down: shoes, Fruit Loops, Raisin Bran, shampoo–all kinds of good stuff!  December 29, 2014

My parents also sent a big black hat to help me find relief from the sun and four pairs of the most comfortable shorts in the world (in gray, blue, black, and my favorite color, navy).
The next group of items I checked out in the box was food.  Even after visiting several grocery stores in six months, I’ve had no luck finding steel cut oats.  I was elated when I opened my box to discover steel cut oats, flavor powder packets for my bottled water, iced animal crackers, and a box of Luizianne sweet tea.  Again, I was overjoyed when I saw two boxes of Fruit Loops and two boxes of Raisin Bran.  I immediately opened the box of Fruit Loops and began chowing down on handfuls of the delicious bites of colored sugar.  You can guess what I had for dinner that night.

The box turned right side up, complete with a much needed beach hat.  December 29, 2014

When I tried on the camel-colored pair of shoes, my luck wasn’t as great.  It seems the company sent me a half size too big (as you can see in the photo).  I’ve been emailing the company to see if they’ll exchange them, but haven’t heard anything yet.  Hopefully they will replace them.  December 29, 2014.

Finally, for personal care items, my parents packed some of my favorite brands of shampoo and conditioner and leave in conditioner.  They also included facial cleanser, and lovely scented travel-size hand sanitizer.  A few days later when I washed my hair, I was so glad to be able to condition with my well known and trusted products.

  It’s amazing how we take things like easy access to good quality goods for granted.  I never thought Fruit Loops, scented hand sanitizer, and a pair of shoes could mean so much.  I know I owe my parents big time for sending that package.  Hopefully I’ll be getting another one soon!
**Music segment**

     As mentioned last week, today marks the fist week of discussing local music.  Ghana’s music scene is just as diverse as her people, ranging from ‘Popular’ to Hi-life to Spiritual, and so on.  Many of the songs were written in local or Nigerian languages, so I’ve had to have multiple people translate for me (hopefully the translations I’m giving to my readers are as accurate as possible). The music that will be discussed here are songs I’ve heard over and over on the radio, at social gatherings, or ones I think have a good beat.  The first song falls under the Popular genre and is entitled “Aye.”
     Aye is a girl who the main actor in the video (Davido) loves.  She comes from a royal family and Davido is a poor farmer.  He loves her because she “No want designer.  She no want Ferrari.”  In other words, she appreciates a simple life (I’m sure most men want an inexpensive woman).  To listen to the song you can follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKpcZHG3y7U

     In the video, Aye eventually slips away from her husband, the King, to go dance with Davido in the field.  While the video seems to encourage doing whatever ‘feels good,’ which is not okay, the song is very popular among the local people, has a good beat that makes me think of Africa, and brings a smile to everyone’s face.
This ends this weeks blog post.  Next week, I’ll discuss having fun in the sun at Big Milly’s Backyard!

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