Finding comforts of home

Finding comforts of home

          Being so far away from home, it’s nice to have some comforts around.  Although I brought as many things along with me in my suitcase as possible—comfy bedroom slippers, hair accessories, my favorite pajama set—it’s nice to walk in a store and see something familiar, such as imports from the US.  So last week, when I saw a familiar kitchen staple, I knew I had to have it.  Along with cooking some traditional American dishes, bit by bit, the transition is becoming easier.  Here’s a look at my experiences last week.
Since my time in Ghana, I’ve been surprised to see lots of brands from home.  Dark and Lovely, for example, has the monopoly on hair care products.  There’s also personal care products like Nivea facial, cereals like Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, and even restaurants like Kentucky Fried Chicken!  Being able to have these products available has been wonderful, however, the best product I have seen thus far was found at the shopping center a short distance from my hostel.  As I walked through the store the other week, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Auntie Jemima’s pancake mix!  I was the happiest person in the world when I saw that red box.  It was quite the splurge, but once I got home and made myself a pancake, it was the best comfort I’ve had thus far in this foreign land.  

Oh the joy!  The plastic bag is to protect the mix from getting spoiled by ‘kitchen critters’ (that’s code for roaches. I can’t seem to get rid of them) November 8, 2014
The delicious finished product with syrup.  I forgot to take a photo before I took a bite-couldn’t resist!  November 8, 2014
I’ve probably mentioned this before, but finding food to eat is a serious challenge for me.  Most traditional eateries pack “Peppa” or spice on everything possible.  This includes Guinea Fowl, fried chicken, fried rice, okra stew, and so on.  They even have a stew called Pepper Stew!  And when I explain to servers that I want NO pepper whatsoever, they either stare at me or nod their heads in agreement and then end of bringing me a dish loaded with pepper that I can’t eat.  So, knowing I had a long day of classes before me, last week I took my time one morning and made myself a delicious omelet.  I filled it with spinach, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and cheese.  I had a piece of bread and juice along with it.  By the time I finished, I was quite satisfied.  That hearty breakfast took me all the way through lunch!

A well balanced diet.  Wish I could eat like this all the time, November 13, 2014
A tasty omelet with raisin bread.  Yum!  November 13, 2014
The finished product, November 14, 2014
Ghana presents weekly challenges for me, but through prayer, spending time with new friends, and quite a bit (a lot) of ingenuity, I am surviving and finding some comforts of home.  We’ll see what next week has in store!

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  1. What a great looking omelette, you should take a little extra time every day to make goodies like that. Of course, that's easy for me to say sitting here a few thousand miles away in my comfy chair. 🙂

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