Another night in Osu

Another night in Osu


     Now that the middle of the semester is underway, there’s not a whole lot of time for socializing.  People here are extremely friendly and always inviting me to events, so it’s a bit torturous to turn them down!  Work is on the mind for now and taking up at least 90% of time throughout the week and weekend.  I did however, get to say goodbye to a new friend who’s headed home after some volunteer work.  I also caught some beautiful photos of the sunset.  Here’s how it went.

As was mentioned a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine, Addison introduced me to a friend of hers who was doing volunteer work for a couple of months in Accra.  We had met once before and were now meeting for a second time before she headed back to the States on Sunday.  Lakaya arrived in the country around the same time I had, and yet it seemed she was so much more knowledgeable about the terrain than me!  I’m sure she squeezed in as much as she could before she left.  It was great to hear about her experiences working at the orphanage and giving back.  I agreed that it is very difficult to walk by mounds of trash outside of people’s homes each day, or to see a baby crawling on the bare ground beside chickens looking for food in the dirt, however, we also agreed that there is something special about this place that’s hard to put your finger on.
Dinner at Mama Mia’s with Lakaya and Tameisha, and Addison (not pictured), October 9, 2014

Can’t believe this guy tried to get both our numbers!  Pretty funny when he got caught! October 9, 2014
Tameisha, Lakaya, and I, posing for the camera, October 9, 2014

We ate at Mamma Mia’s, a quaintly decorated restaurant in Osu, right down the street from Saffron.  The atmosphere was lovely and as soon as I stepped onto the portico, I felt I was back in Italy—it was quite convincing.  We had some really good laughs off of this guy who tried to get two of us to date him.  Tameisha went to the restroom and reported that on her way back to the table, this Nigerian guy started asking her questions and eventually gave her his card and asked to go out with her. We were all amused.  20 minutes later, when I came out of the restroom a Nigerian guy stopped me and started asking a million questions about myself.  I couldn’t help myself so when he asked for my number I said, “I don’t know my cell number by heart yet, but could I have your card?”  When he pulled out the exact same card he gave Tameisha, I nearly burst into tears of laughter.  I held it in until I got to the table.  When I shared the card with my friends, none of us could stop laughing!  We decided to play a little joke on him.  On the way out of the restaurant, we saw him sitting at the bar.  Both of us went to him and said hello.  He was clearly surprised and a little embarrassed.  Caught!  I thought to myself.  Everyone had a good laugh off of that guy.

On my way back home after studying last week, I was feeling pretty good.  The workload was (is) great, but I could feel myself slowly making progress on papers and group assignments.  The sun rises and sets each day here at 6:00.  As I biked back to my hostel last week, I looked over my left shoulder to see a beautiful sunset.  I was pleased and thankful for such a breathtaking view.

My residence beneath the sunset, Bani Hostel, October 7, 2014
Gorgeous sunset, October 7, 2014

So for now I press on with more work!  Hopefully I’ll be able to report next week that I’ve completed my research methods term paper (exciting I know)!

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  1. Hope all has gone well with the term paper, I'm just catching up with your October posts as I have been really busy with Rotary and the Foundation lately. Pretty good story about the Nigerian guy giving both of you his card.

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