What’s this all about?

What’s this all about?

Hello friends, family, readers, sponsors, supporters, and everyone in between!

On July 27, 2013 I was awarded a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship to study at the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana.  In a couple of short weeks (less than three!) I’ll be on my way to sub-Saharan Africa to earn my MA in Adult Education.

Obviously studying in Ghana will be much more than just studying in Ghana.  I will be learning about the people, the culture, a uniquely different way of life from my own, and if I’m lucky, my own heritage.  I’ve been doing the typical things-reading blogs, travel books, trying to understand proper etiquette and behavior in a foreign land-though nothing will measure up to living, breathing, and tasting everything for myself.

There are many members of my home church (in Wedgefield, SC) home-away-from-home church (in Charleston, SC), work, high school, college, and Rotary I’d like to stay in touch with, therefore, I’ve created this blog.  I hope it will serve not only as a place where I can share my excitement and curiosities with my loved ones, but also a place where I can keep in touch with all of you and know your whereabouts (sorry, I’ve had too many bad experiences with hackers on Facebook, shoot me a message here or through my email, please!).

So whether you’re a dear friend who’s curious about my travels or a web surfer who somehow stumbled across my blog, I say to you, welcome!

p.s.-you’ll periodically see landscapes in my posts (I love photography, especially sunrises and sunsets).  I thought it appropriate to start this blog off by admiring the sun.  To me, this is a sunrise representing a new beginning.  Lots of people say this is experience is going to change me forever and I agree with them. Hopefully I will be changed in a positive way and will never be the same.  You must decide, though, whether this photo represents a beginning or an end for you!

Beautiful sunrise warming the earth

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